My First Mechanical Keyboard

This post is from 2020 but my blog has been neglected for a long time. It’s been sitting in Drafts for a long time. During the pandemic, there was a period of time when I became obsessed with building my mechanical keyboard. Retrospectively, I think this was a response to anxiety I was experiencing from everything happening in the world. It was a healthier obsession to escape the daily onslaught of tragedy that I think many of us have willfully forgotten by now:

Love my new raindrop keycaps! ⛈️ This is my first mechanical keyboard. (mother’s day present ❤️) I went with a GMMK hot swappable one because I wasn’t sure what switches I would like. After watching a million YouTube videos, I decided on Kailh pro purple switches and added o-rings to make them a little quieter. I wanted tactile switches and these have the bump right at the top, with a 50g actuation force. They have a shorter travel distance (3.6mm) than Cherry MX browns. If I swap out switches later, I want to try Cherry MX clears, but I’m pretty happy with this setup for now.

Not long after this I added the RK ROYAL KLUDGE RK84 Wireless RGB 75% Hot Swappable Mechanical Keyboard with 84 keys and put Drop Halo Clear switches on it. They’re also tactile with a 65g actuation force. I don’t use this keyboard as much but it’s great for traveling.

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