Mini Tour of Marshall Brewing Company

Today we toured Marshall Brewing Company, one the first Tulsa breweries to reignite the craft brewing scene in Oklahoma in 2008. We had the opportunity to meet Eric Marshall, the Brewmaster, and Wes Alexander, who gave an excellent tour and an impressive account of the brewery’s history.

A portion of the proceeds of the tasting event were donated to help the Tulsa SPCA. We tasted four beers in tiny commemorative tasting glasses, including the Old Pavilion Pilsner, McNellie’s Pub Ale, Atlas IPA and the Big Jamoke Porter.


We toured the the backend of the brewery where Marshall brews up to three times per day. These copper vessels were actually purchased from Japan and shipped over:


They’ve got their own on-site bottling system and plan to add canning in the future, which is a far superior way to store beer.


In the very back of the brewery they’ve got barrel aging set up. They acquired some barrels from Heaven Hill Distillery which are thought to have been used for Elijah Craig bourbon whiskey. Black Dolphin, Marshall’s most recent release, is a barrel-aged Russian Imperial Stout.


Marshall Brewing Company currently only distributes to neighboring states and will be expanding to Texas in mid-2014. Overall, I was impressed with the brewery and the folks I met there. They’ve got a great team of people who are open, friendly and and passionate about making fresh beer.

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