Home Sweet Home

I’ve been terrible at updating my blog this year, so I’m hoping to catch up on a few posts and recipes during the summer. This past April my husband and I purchased our first home in Tulsa, OK. Although we strongly considered a few other states, in the end Tulsa seemed to win out as the best place to buy a home and continue to build our business. We were blessed to find a home with the perfect layout for having guest rooms, offices and a music room. Since we both work from home, it was important for us to have enough space to be in separate offices, which helps to keep our relationship more harmonious. ;)  

Our yard is very pleasant – full of butterflies and bunnies. The kitties are enjoying their new cat window door and beds in the window seats. We installed a cat fence on top of our privacy fence so they can be out in the yard at any time without escaping.

I love my new little office and I try to make sure that it’s cozy and dimly lit at all times. I’ve always got a fluffy friend napping in the window, a blanket on my chair and my yoga mat handy for quick exercise breaks.

But my favorite place is probably here:

I cannot wait until winter arrives and I’m hoping we’ll get a couple blizzards this year. If anyone wants to come visit, we’d love to have you. We’re still in the process of decorating but love to have company. I’m quite lucky to have married one of the most friendly, sociable men of all time and our motto is the more the merrier. :) At this very moment there are a bunch of singing voices and music coming from the living room. Now all we need is a puppy….


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