Kahina Organic Argan Oil Products Review

I recently received a bunch of sample products from Kahina. They came in a pretty little bag and I’ve had the chance to test all of the products I received, except the serum.

Argan oil is the main ingredient of all of the Kahina Giving Beauty products. If you’re new to argan oil, here’s what you need to know:

Containing highly potent antioxidants, argan oil neutralizes free radicals (the second biggest cause of aging after sun exposure), reduces inflammation, minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and protects the skin from harsh environmental factors. Light and non-greasy, argan oil absorbs easily to give skin a radiant glow without the use of any harmful ingredients.

I love natural products so I was excited to try this line at my first opportunity. Here’s my personal review:

Kahina Eye Cream – This is the best eye cream I’ve tried this year. Because it’s oil-based, it seems to moisturize and become a natural part of my skin more easily than other eye creams. I’ve actually been dueling it against Benefit – It’s Potent Eye Cream this past month and the Kahina Eye Cream is hands down the winner in my book.

Kahina Eye Serum – I like the Kahina Eye Serum but not as much as the eye cream. It’s a bit lighter, if you’re looking for something that’s not as heavy as a cream. It seems to be more of an intense treatment as well.

Kahina Facial Cleanser – I absolutely love how natural the cleanser smells and how well it takes off makeup. I didn’t notice its exfoliating properties as much, but I certainly feel that my face is clean and moisturized after using it. It doesn’t make your face feel stripped, like some other cleansers. For example, I use Origins: A Perfect World cleanser in the morning and I love the way it works but immediately feel the need to put on moisturizer afterwards, like my skin is tightening up. The Kahina cleanser makes my face feel like it still has its own moisture.

Kahina Antioxident Mask – I tried the Kahina mask tonight and I very much enjoyed the tingly, minty feeling you get after it’s applied. However, this is not so much of a deep cleansing mask, in my opinion. It’s one that I would put in the radiance-boosting category. When you remove it, you’re supposed to massage your face in a circular motion to take advantage of the exfoliating properties. After I washed it off, it seemed to have taken away a lot of dullness from my skin. I felt fresh and minty and ready for bed. 🙂

Kahina 100% Organic Argan Oil – I like the way the Kahina oil feels on my skin, but unfortunately cannot endure the smell of it. I will not describe it here, because I think it’s a great product. Although the smell prevents me from using it, my husband likes it, as he has much more dry skin than I do. I like to put different products on him and write down his man reviews of them from time to time, so perhaps I will amend this post after I try some of the other products on him. We’ve also tried Skin & Bones, which is a similar product that smells better, but again on this one he was more into the oils than I was. I still haven’t tried the Kahina toning mist or the facial lotion, but I suspect those would be better options for me.

Also, I was happy to discover that the Kahina website is running on WordPress. Open Source CMS + Organic Beauty Products is just about my favorite combination in the world. 😉

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