Beer, Baguettes and Bottles

I used to feel like my “real life” happened on the weekends. Since working from home for the past few years, Monday has become one of my favorite days but most of the time I’m a little foggy on what day it actually is. Last weekend we did real live Saturday things, like shopping and listening to music (new Radiohead album!) 🙂


We rolled out of bed and headed straight for High Gravity, our local home brewing equipment shop. Marion has started brewing his own beer and has his first batch, a Belgian Tripel Ale, in its secondary fermentation stage. It’s very sensitive and scientific. He has bad dreams about it, but I’m sure it will be fine because everything he attempts is magic.

It’s a beautiful beer! I’ve tasted it and can’t wait for when he adds the bubbles.

Water Bottles

Since we forgot breakfast, we hit every single sample stand at the Target and the Sam’s Club. No sense in getting hungry as bears and clawing each other to pieces! While romping nearly all over town we found the cutest water bottles with tiny carbiners attached to them.

Mine is, of course, the matte pink one and he opted for the more manly canteen style. 😉


We also made baguettes this week – our first adventure in bread-making, inspired by my friend Keslie and her excellent recipe recommendation.

This is the baguette dough before we baked it:

And here are our happy baguettes fresh from the oven:

I think you should come over and have beer with us and tiny baguette sandwiches. 🙂 Next time I’ll have to write a real blog, instead of a phone photo essay, but it’s past my bedtime.


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