Finding Quiet in the Wired World

I have sorely neglected my personal blog for many months. Blogging every day over at usually takes up most of my time. I’ve been trying to be more intentional about finding ways to calm down.

Yoga and Pilates are really helping. Usually when I’m exercising my heart rate races past normal levels and it’s hard for me to maintain it at a regular cardio level. Yoga/Pilates help me to focus on breathing, and I like it. I’d recommend it to anyone with a sedentary job, because it also helps your posture and gives you a million little things you can do at your desk.

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to work smarter and make more time for being still. The more I live, the more I want simplicity, peace, and cheer. The night is far spent. It makes me want to do things like clean out the attic and get rid of anything taking up extra space, eat more greens, ignore the news, and spend entire afternoons in the sun with an old book.

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